Metal Finishes for Demanding Applications
Leading high-tech companies look to Five Star Plating for long-lasting metal finishing for their most innovative products.
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Innovation for Long-Lasting Protection of the Products We Use Everyday
From computer components and 3D printers to safety equipment and MRI machines we provide beautiful and protective metal finishes for products that are important to our everyday lives.
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Metal Surface Coating and Plating for Beauty and Safety
Five Star Plating finishes large and small metal surfaces for the construction industry such as window frames, reinforcement bars, hand tools, safety equipment and more.
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Metal Coating and Plating Services
Exceeding your customers' expectations.
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Quick Turn-Around. Agile Processes.
With more than 20 in-house finishing processes, we deliver on-time to make sure you meet your deadlines. We innovate everyday to provide superior service and quality.
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Five star plating metal finishing services

To deliver exceptional parts and products, metal coating and plating finishes must perform and meet your customers’ expectations.  You should never have to worry about flaking, adhesion problems, or variations in thickness of your metal finishes.  Additionally, you should not have to stress over whether you’ll receive your parts on time.

Five Star Plating metal finishing services include Sulfuric Acid Anodize, Hardcoat Anodize, Zinc Plating, Power Coat, E-Coat and more.  Reliable quality and service – that’s what we deliver every time. To inhibit corrosion, retain electrical conductivity or enhance the beauty of your products, you can rely on Five Star Plating for your metal surface coating and plating.

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electroless nickel

New Electroless Nickel Finishing Line

Our new electroless nickel plating line gives you more advantages and more reasons to work with Five Star Plating. This coating provides corrosion and wear-resistance for a wide variety of substrates.  Nickel is a hard metal that is both heat and corrosion-resistant.  As a coating, nickel is widely used in the automotive, aviation and electronics industries.  Electroless nickel plating provides durability and powerful protection against corrosion.  It can be used as a coating to repair …

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wet paint coating

Adding to Our Line Up of Finish Options – Wet Paint Coating

Wet Paint Coating –  We have added wet paint coating to our line up of finishing options.  Wet paint is the traditional metal finishing process, involving the application of liquid paint to a metal surface using either a spray, pump, or pressurized vessel.  The process is simple, beginning with a thorough cleaning of a part and spraying 15-20 micrometers of liquid paint onto the surface. The application of the paint continues until the part is …

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Electrocoat Finishing Options

Three New Finishing Options and Advantages

Five Star Plating now offers three new finishing options. Over the past couple of years, Five Star Plating has been laying the groundwork for growth and now we are seeing our hard work come to fruition.  We completed several substantial initiatives during 2019 that allow us to provide more value and better serve our customers with certified quality. October 24, 2019 marked the formal notification for our achieving ISO 9001:2015 quality certification for quality management …

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