Adding to Our Line Up of Finish Options – Wet Paint Coating

wet paint coating

Wet Paint Coating – 

We have added wet paint coating to our line up of finishing options.  Wet paint is the traditional metal finishing process, involving the application of liquid paint to a metal surface using either a spray, pump, or pressurized vessel.  The process is simple, beginning with a thorough cleaning of a part and spraying 15-20 micrometers of liquid paint onto the surface. The application of the paint continues until the part is evenly coated to the desired paint thickness.


The Benefits of Wet Paint

Finishes protect metal surfaces from corrosion and damage.  Wet paint is typically used when powder coating is not the better option.  While they both serve a similar function, each finish has its own advantages. Both coatings contain resins, additives, and pigments, but wet paint contains solvent, and powder coat does not.

Solvent in the wet paint keeps all the other ingredients suspended in liquid form. Whereas powder coating is applied literally as a dry powder.  Both processes require a pretreatment to remove any oil, dirt, moisture, and other contaminants that will impede adhesion.  Powder coating uses an electrostatic gun and is cured with infrared heating or in an oven, and liquid paint is dispensed using a sprayer and air-dried.

Wet paint allows for thinner coats that cannot be achieved with powder coating.  Because curing occurs at room temperature, it can also be used on heat-sensitive materials. If the product becomes scratched or damaged, touchups can be easily achieved.  Liquid paint is available in a wider range of colors and custom colors can be created with a high degree of precision.

Powder coating will provide a more durable protective finish, but wet paint coating is better when there are fewer pieces and if you need to coat inexpensively.

If you have questions or concerns, you can always count on us to help you choose the finish that will achieve your desired results.

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