Three New Finishing Options and Advantages

Electrocoat Finishing Options

Five Star Plating now offers three new finishing options.

Over the past couple of years, Five Star Plating has been laying the groundwork for growth and now we are seeing our hard work come to fruition.  We completed several substantial initiatives during 2019 that allow us to provide more value and better serve our customers with certified quality.

October 24, 2019 marked the formal notification for our achieving ISO 9001:2015 quality certification for quality management systems.  The accreditation demonstrates Five Star Plating’s commitment to delivering the highest levels of service, quality, reliability, integrity, and value to our customers.

While we were working towards our ISO certification, we were also constructing new service lines.  We can now offer three new finishing services in our Lawrence, MA location.  These finishes include Electrocoating (e-coat), Electroless Nickel, and Wet Paint.  Each finish offers its own unique set of advantages depending on the result you are trying to achieve.


E-coating is an efficient and economical process that uses electrical current to deposit organic paint particles onto the surface of a part by immersing it into a bath.  It provides an environmentally friendly, corrosion-resistant, and uniform coating for parts, and is ideal for coating unusual shapes or hard-to-reach areas. Electrocoat finishing is used on products in various sectors including automotive, building products, decorative, defense, household appliances, computer components, electronics, beverage containers, metal furniture, and more.

Electroless Nickel Plating

Electroless nickel plating provides a uniform coating and protection against corrosion, wear and abrasion.  It can also improve hardness, solderability and aesthetics.  Electroless nickel is frequently used for applications in aerospace, automotive, construction, electronics, and other industries.  It is an ideal finish for where tight thickness tolerances must be achieved with consistency and reliability, and for parts with irregular or complex shapes.

Wet Painting

Wet painting is an economical process to apply liquid paint to a metal or non-metal parts using either a spray, pump, or pressurized vessel. Water or solvent-based paint is sprayed onto surfaces to provide a highly cosmetic finish.  When accurate color-matching is essential, wet paint finishing has the advantage of showing their final, dry-state colors right from the start.  It does not require an oven for curing, and therefore, it is an excellent solution for products that cannot be heated or powder coated. Wet paint is frequently used for the commercial, medical, aerospace, and defense industries.

Not only do our new services provide more you with more finishing options, but they can also help you improve operational efficiency and support business growth.

Contact us with questions or advice that can help you achieve your specific metal finishing objectives.


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