About Us

With nearly 20 years in the metals plating industry, Fausto Garcia founded Five Star Plating in 2010 to advance the quality of metal coating and plating services provided in the greater Boston area and throughout New England.

Five Star Plating is headquartered in Lawrence, Massachusetts and has earned a reputation for delivering the highest levels of service, value, quality, integrity and reliability. Fausto began providing metal finishing services to commercial sheet metal fabricators and Boston area machine shops with only seven employees. Within less than a decade, Five Star Plating has grown to over 45 employees who deliver a wide range of customized metal coating and plating treatments to the Construction, Information Technology, Aeronautics, Defense, Food Service, Automotive, Electronic Components industries.

Five Star Plating is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

A commitment to community

Recognized for contributions to business and community leadership, Fausto Garcia and Five Star Plating have been the recipients of numerous awards including the 2018 Immigrant Entrepreneur Award for Business Growth and Enterprise Bank’s 2018 Small Business Award.

Five Star Plating is proud to be selected for the
Eastern Bank Business Equity Initiative

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