New Electroless Nickel Finishing Line

electroless nickel

Our new electroless nickel plating line gives you more advantages and more reasons to work with Five Star Plating.

This coating provides corrosion and wear-resistance for a wide variety of substrates.  Nickel is a hard metal that is both heat and corrosion-resistant.  As a coating, nickel is widely used in the automotive, aviation and electronics industries.

 Electroless nickel plating provides durability and powerful protection against corrosion.  It can be used as a coating to repair and extend the life of costly parts, resist wear and brinelling, and as a barrier to withstand elevated temperatures.

In the automotive industry, this coating is used to protect components such as pistons, fuel injectors, and cylinders, from wear and corrosion. The aviation industry also uses it to protect against wear and corrosion on valves, engine shafts, and other parts.  For electronics, nickel plating can be used to improve the anti-sticking or releasing properties and to repair damaged components.


The Electroless Nickel Process

Electroless nickel plating is a chemical process that distributes a uniform layer of nickel-phosphorus on the surface of a substrate.  The amount of phosphorous in the plating can affect its resulting characteristics.  The minimum amount of phosphorus in the plating provides the hardest coating, medium is less hard but plates the fastest, and high phosphorus levels are the least hard but provide the best corrosion protection.

As the name suggests and unlike electroplating, the electroless process uses metal ions in a chemical solution causing an autocatalytic reaction to adhere to the coating and therefore, no electrical current is needed.   It does require a multi-step process involving cleaning, pre-treatment and activation, and an autocatalytic chemical reaction.  Electroless nickel plating is a highly effective process for wear resistance on complex shapes, small diameters, deep holes, and hard to reach areas.

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