Hardcoat Anodize

Satellite dishes, satellite antennas mounted on the chimney of a new home. Evening

Like standard sulfuric acid anodizing, hardcoat anodizing is a controlled electrochemical process but with greater penetration of the aluminum part to produce a much thicker and denser result. The increased hardness provides greater protection from abrasion and corrosion for harsh conditions, and further improves electrical insulation when needed.

Specifications Mil-A-8625F, Type II, Class 1 & 2
ASTM-B580-79 (reapproved 2014), Type A
AMS-2469J, hard anodic coating
AMS-2482D, hard anodic coating with PTFE
Mil-A-63756A, anodic coating with PTFE
Colors Available Natural (Clear), Gray, Black, Blue, Red, Green and Yellow
  • All anodize finishes are RoHS compliant.
  • Corrosion testing according to ASTM B117 can be provided by request.
  • Certification to any of the above specifications can be provided by request.
  • Detailed metal masking solutions are available to ensure that finishes are applied precisely.
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