Electrocoating, also called E-Coat, is an organic coating process that uses electrical current to paint a part or complete product.  It is often used to coat complex parts and products with specific performance requirements.

The AquaEC 6000 series from Axalta Coating Systems is a family of cathodic Electrocoating primers based on enhanced epoxy resins and an innovative tin-free catalyst.  The robust technology used in this family of products is designed for many end-use markets ranging from automotive to diverse industrial applications.

Designed specifically to deliver enhanced corrosion resistance performance and productivity, the AquaEC 6000 series provides excellent coverage and application properties. Superior performance over various substrates and pretreatment systems make these E-Coats ideally suited for today’s advanced layering systems.


  • Enhanced corrosion protection
  • Improved edge protection
  • Improved throw power
  • Lower cure temperature ­ 
  • Made for compatibility with new thin-film pre-treatments ­ 
  • Compliant with global environmental standards ­ 
  • Smoother finish ­ 
  • Robust operating window ­  
  • Tin-free ­ 
As with all of our plating services, detailed metal masking solutions are available to ensure that finishes are applied precisely.
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